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Ultimate Guide to Using Waze Maps Through Your BMW Apple CarPlay

Every driver knows that reliable navigation is a must nowadays. Hours-long traffic jams, major car accidents or year-round road works. All of those are just unnecessary delays, right? Let’s face it: reality on the road changes really fast, leaving old and outdated solutions no match to real-time updated apps. So, have you already considered switching to Waze maps?


There are plenty of programs that serve thousands of people as navigation today. That is why we present to you one of the front-runners: Waze maps. It is a community-driven navigation app created by an Israeli company which uses real-time data, retrieved from the users accounts, to provide you with the best route to the destination of choice.

Waze maps include information on accidents, traffic jams, speed traps, construction zones and many other obstacles that could slow down a driver. Waze is a highly customisable app with roughly 150 million active users. As a company, it was acquired by Google back in 2013.

The Waze app boasts multiple original features including speed cameras along the way, tagged police road-checks and accident alerts. The loyal Waze maps fan base consists of over 8 million users actively reporting around 40 million incidents per month. This significantly changes how we perceive the whole driver's community today. So, would you like to know how to swiftly switch to Waze maps?


First of all, you’ll need to be able to connect and display your smartphone's screen on the BMW built-in cockpit. Unfortunately, you won’t find such a feature available in many BMW models, and even then – it requires paid professional preparation. Don’t worry though, you can still do it all by yourself! The whole process is rather straightforward and it consists of 5 simple steps:

  • Download and install Waze maps on your smartphone Let’s start with the most intuitive and easy-to-make steps, ok? First, download Waze maps on your smartphone just like you would any other app. Chillax, it is completely free – both on the Apple store and Google Play store. Now, all you have to do is to establish a connection between the smartphone and your BMW on-board infotainment system. To do so however, you’ll need to prepare your BMW in the first place. The good thing is that when it comes to apps – no additional program will be required. Current iOS and Android system versions already have all of the essential codes implemented inside. Just remember to keep your smartphone system updated and you’ll be all good. Alrighty. Let’s assume you’ve managed to accomplish all of the above. So now what? Are you all set? Will you be able to see Waze maps on your BMW’s multimedia on-board screen? Unfortunately not yet, but you are getting there.

  • Prepare your BMW system Now, let’s focus on the on-board cockpit of your BMW – after all that is our main area of interest, isn’t it? Some of the newest BMW models (with iDrive 7 or 8) already have built-in programs (CarPlay or Android Auto) which allow wireless connection between smartphones and on-board screens. Ok, but what if you are the owner of an older BMW model? No worries – Satnavsolutions is here to help! If you desire to tweak and boost up your car’s infotainment system with your smartphone apps – you’ll need an additional feature. Not many know that you can install dedicated features tailored to the BMW infotainment system. An example would be our Apple Carplay Activation, which is fully compatible with iOS and can be implemented in 95% of the BMW models created after 2016.

  • Connect your smartphone via USB or pair it with the BMW system. Ok. You’ve met all of the requirements stated above. So now what? The answer is pretty simple: it’s pairing time! Simply start by enabling the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection in your smartphone and then find it through CarPlay menu – on your BMW cockpit screen.

  • Tap on the Waze maps icon and hit the road. From now on – you should be good to go. That is of course if you carefully followed all of the steps stated above. However, before you’ll start enjoying Waze maps it is worth investing a minute or two into the details.

  • At this point you may wonder, how does it all look in practice?

The answer is: pretty smooth. You can access Waze maps in 3 ways:

- through the BMW multimedia touchscreen (Through our Apple CarPlay Activation)

- with dials and buttons

- thanks to a voice assistant like Siri or Android assistant (has to be enabled)

Exploring the Rich Features of Waze Maps: Your Comprehensive Guide

Innovative Features of Waze Maps

As a top choice in community-based traffic and navigation apps, Waze Maps offers a plethora of exciting features. In its latest update from November 2022, Waze introduced functionalities like tagging friends on the map, finding the best gas prices nearby, and integrating music listening options. Yet, there's much more to explore:

Waze Speedometer: A Vital Tool for Safe Driving

A key feature is the Waze Speedometer, a dynamic tool that appears on your map during navigation. Using GPS to track your speed, it alerts you when you exceed speed limits by turning red. You can easily activate it in three simple steps: tap 'My Waze,' go to 'Settings -> Speedometer,' and enable the feature.

Waze Alerts: Keeping You Informed on the Go

Waze's celebrated features include police alerts and speed cam tagging. But that's just the beginning. Waze offers various alerts, such as traffic jams, hazards, road constructions, closures, and more, catering to its 150 million active monthly users. Customize which alerts you receive for a tailored driving experience.

Editing Waze Maps: Contributing to the Community

Waze allows users to edit maps, thanks to its robust editor mode. With over 500K community map editors (10K active monthly), you can add new roads or update existing ones, making navigation more accurate for everyone.

Using Waze Offline: A Smart Choice for Certain Conditions

While Waze thrives on real-time updates, its offline functionality is handy in areas with limited internet access, like when traveling abroad. Pre-load your route while connected, and Waze will continue to provide basic navigation offline.

Waze vs. Google Maps in BMW: A Detailed Comparison

Waze, being community-based, excels in real-time traffic updates and alerts. Google Maps, data-driven and broader in scope, offers features like the "Explore" option for discovering local attractions. Both require Android Auto or CarPlay for integration with BMW.

Waze vs. Apple Maps in BMW: What's Best for You?

Apple Maps, easily accessible via CarPlay, provides unique features like “Look Around” and “Pit Stops.” However, Waze's lack of integration with BMW's head-up display (HUD) might be a drawback for some drivers. Consider updating your BMW's built-in navigation as an alternative, with services like Satnavsolutions BMW map updates.

Summary: Why Choose Waze Maps?

Waze Maps is recommended for car drivers seeking a feature-rich app with police alerts, speed cam tags, and optimised driving directions. It stands out with customisation options and a proactive community, though it's less suited for pedestrian or bike navigation compared to Apple or Google Maps. For city drivers, Waze offers unparalleled navigation assistance.



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